Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its My Life

" Now what would you do, if the very principals that you have built your life on was shattered ? What would you do, if the core of your every belief was broken ? The very foundation that was instilled in you from tender age, threateCheck Spellingns to pull you down. The illusion of what you thought you would become or what you thought you were blinds you from what u really are or what your life really is. How would you react to it ? Would it change you, would it scar you, or would you just stay the same. "

Yes these are the questions that twirl in my head, poisoning my mind, my mood, my thoughts. No this post isn't one of the usuall emo post shobaan comes up with, this post is just an emotional outlet to, what I would call one hell of a week. The implications of the disasters that happened in one night bare great impact in my life. Yes I'm depressed you want to know whats even worse I can't place a finger on why im depressed. Its like a splinter in ur chest. Its there but you just can't see it. If i tried to guess I'd come with a long list of reason of it. I mean being me isn't exactly a bed of roses now is it.

In 6 months time I would cross the line from being a teenager to being an adult, and when I look back at 19 years of life. I don't want to see a long list of screw up, a long list of what should have been or could have been. but if stop and look back now thats what the last 18 years of my life potrays. So you see there not much to be proud of. Whats a man's worth ? What my worth ?

Every one dreams. Some dream big, some dream small. Common sense would probably tell you the bigger the dream the harder the battle to fullfill it. My dreams aren't big but the question is do i have what it takes to make those dreams real. If we try and look at my academics the hard facts would say give up. Don't bother trying. You ain't ever going to make it

The good thing is im a pretty stuborn person and although when I look back I can't see my long list of acomplishments right now does't mean I am ready to give up. One day it will be there I hope, and to god I pray. I guess if the path to growing up was easy it would take the fun out of life.

"Only in the black of night, Can u see the stars"
*shouts* updattessss . Well the jobs alright pretty darn boring after sticking at it for what 8 months, Yes mother fuckers 8 months. and for one with a short attention spam and a super hyper body 8 months is a daym long time. We'll be resigning soon though, bout time we went back to being a kid and start my law degree. Yeah can you just imagine me Shobaan going to court. *laughs till he falls of the chair* . Me in neck-tie collar, nicely trimmed hair, clean shave with a small goatee, carrying my briefcase walking into court. Being the right hand man of justice. . .
Now wouldn't that be a site to see huh ? Anyway the family is good , the car has already been through its fare share of thrashing and is due for its service anytime soon. Oh yeah I broke and I'm gonna be broke for the next couple of month. How sad is that. What to do ? Now we'll have to adjust to the life of a mere broke guy. *sigh*
Oh yeah a shout out to all my peeps who've not seen in ages, miss you guys loadz.
last but not list .. one two tinggggggggg .. (smilez)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

lalaallallalaaaalallaaa =p

The clock on his computer showed 7.26am. 3 months ago this time around, the person to whom this blog belongs to would probably be fast asleep. But today he is awake, He's been awake almost everyday around this time for the past 3 months. You want to know why because he HAS BEEN FREAKING WORKING. Which is what he is doing now. He would have blogged earlier had he known that his company's internet surfing proxies allowed the usage of blogspot. Because they block most of the websites like friendster and facebook i assumed that blogspot would be blocked to untill i decided to actually try. WHAADAYAAAA KNOW !!!

hello blogggiee, Hello people its been gawd knows how long since my last post hahaha, I've so much to tell but i really don't have the mood. Well I got the time but im just not in that whiney mood that I ussually am. Well just so you know im sucking up to some bloody asshole singaporean customer now who's pissed at nokia for keeping his at the Nokia authourised center for over 3 months. *sigh* the things that i do for my company. Hey being Techie support not the simplest job in the world you know. Besides having to be and expert on almost every phone nokia has come up with. We also put up with the less than patient side of customer who own nokia phones.

Hey you know how when you and a bunch of friends would be sitting at a mamak talking about the development of the country and why Malaysia never progresses, The mentality of Malaysians and how stupid some Malaysians can be *no offence*. Well now i disagree. Actually compared to the outside world Malaysians are quite smart. I mean you don't get a Malaysian customer calling nokia and having a conversation like this

shobaan : Nokia careline, this is tyler
Australian : Is this nokia ?
( I mean did't i just say NOKIIAAAAA, and he still has to ask
Shobaan : Yes sir, what can I do for you today
Australian : Nokia is shit mate, I just got my phone an 3 hours ago and its dead
i got back home and put it for charging and its still dead
nokia is bloody shit man
Shobaan : Alright sir no worries. Have you tried switching your phone on
Australian : huh your suppose to turn your phone on
Shobaan : Yes sir please hold down the power key which is located on the top part of phone
for about 5 seconds
Australian : dude the phone alive man, thanks mate your bloody brilliant

So now you know what I have to deal with everyday. In that sense i prefer getting those customer with really tough technical issue that would make you drag the call for about 2 hours just trying to identified the issue. The call is long but when your done solving the issue or getting a resolution it actually feels good.

ANYWAY here the part where i update you on what going on with my life. HONESTLY not much of and update, although working is good i feel like 45 year old man with a routine life style. I wake up, I go to work, I do my work, I come home, I watch one tree hill, I go to sleep (recently got hold of season 1,2,3) . One tree hill rocks. Anyone who wants to go against that statement can have my sisters hair dryer shuffed up your ass.

Well mommy is in Australia. just a shout out to her i miss you maaa. hahahha for 18 years and this is the first 2 weeks since you've been away. The last time you were away for this long i was 3 years old and can't remember a thing.

Yes i know this post is like super random because well basicly I'm typing out everthing that is running through my head..
neway see you people around
ohwww a shout out to all my peeps i miss you guys and i know i haven't seen you all in ages but we'll hang out soon mwah mwah mwah .. (yes feeling a tad bit bimbotic right now) haahahaa...

Sunday, March 30, 2008


duddeeeee'ss its been ages. hahaha yes yes i've ditched the blog for a very long time. What to do ?? working all now. Been busy laaaa. I miss all my friends waaaaaaaa. Jack hiding in subang. Gab probably hiding in the dark. Kit and dan would be dotaing somewhere. Ash would be out with sharon. Jayanthan would be out yum cha-ing. Paka would be somewhere foosing. while im usually at home sleeping early thanks to the next day of work. Yes yes shobaan has learned something called DISCIPLINE. I miss all of you wei waaaaaa. yes all my unmention people to i miss you tooo. WORK WORK WORK. Well I can't really complain work is suprisingly fun. Usually people wake up and groan " aiyoo got work today " . Me on the other hand look forward to going to work. Its actually quite fun and i like what i do. Its pretty simple though it can get a tad bit complicated and it pays pretty well. So i guess im really lucky. My colleagues are awesome. We are one havoc batch. They remind me of the FLYAZ back in form3. Well for those of you who said I probably would't last in this job. hahahah in your face its been one whole month now. *wheeee*. HAHAHAHA. Oh and the birthday is coming so i guess you all know where the first month pay is going to go. *sigh*. But nothing going to stop me from giving half of my first month salary to my mom. Thank you mommy for bringing me up good job. hahahahah oh yeah since i've started work parents been really happy. Its like they have new found hope for their long lost missing son. haahhahahaa. Life is smooth. Love it people.
Well today's Sunday so i threw my routine of my sleeping in today thus im still awake right now. So i thought i'd drop by here and whine no wait more like update hahahaaha.
A shout out to all my peeps " i misss youu guyss "

"Talent does all he can, But genius does all he needs"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ditch my blog for 3 weeks .. here's an update .. *WheeEEee*

HEEYYYLOOOO yes i know its been ages .. well 3 weeks to be exact.. well i've been really busy working so i've had no time to update. Well i had time but im always lazy besides that i've been busy.. im not going to type much today for i need to sleep yes working tomoro... So enjoy the pics for now..
and yess all u asshole friends of mine i miss you guys you all know who you are.. wait laa pay come out my birthday all next month.. it will be awesome.. or than again i'll do the whole shobaan quite thingie hehehehhe .. toodles

Friday, February 29, 2008

l'll start of this post with a back log of last weeks clubbing Alex's bday. So yeah it was awesome i forgot to get someone to become the photographer for the night so I only have 2 picks hahaha here they arreeee !!1

Everyone's fucking high but they sure don't look it right hehehe

Long live the alcohol haahhaha... the only thing that was missing was the weed

Yesterday was my first day of work in Urban forum in Aman Suria. Guess what after two hours of work I went up to the boss and said " boss I can't do this, Im sorry but i quit". I swear it was so boring. So So SO boring that after 3 hours of literally hanging on the phone doing nothing i could't take it anymore.. Oh well..

Came back and went to barclub. After a long long time i finally got pretty drunk. Its been ages since I've gotten drunk hahahaaaha.. but it was hell awesome...

Barclub Shoib and me. We'r just getting started =p

The alcohol *yummies* / *yuck*

Kelvin the birthday boy suprising he is still standing hehehe

Gawd knows how Zack turned up there but im glad he did for he had that extra bottle of chivas.. 5 more seconds u bastard

By the end of the night that was how drunk I was

Uncle Jack daniels with shoib and me ahha

Shoib : drink you bitch
Boris : bring it on mutha fucka

what the hell you smiling at shane ?? huh


bottoms up people

Well somehow I manage to drive back all the way to Subang mind you i was so high i was only driving at 120km/h but like it felt like it was 180km/h or something hahaha.. got back to shoib's place and i ended up like puking in the toilet yes i still manage to reach the toilet in time. so out of fear of messing up the place i slept in the toilet.. hahaha... Sorry bhai i cleaned up in the morning hahah.. Than I got back to Jack place and knocked out on the bed till lik 6 in the evening. Im home now and i wana sleep .. but i've got a whole of plan's and I don't wanna FFK.. ish ish .. =p... oh well we'll see how it goes *grins* ..well tataz for now.. mwahhhhh